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StackExchange.Redis : Pipelining

Curious Bot - December 1, 2018 - 0 comments

Pipelining and Multiplexing

var multiplexer = ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect("localhost");
IDatabase db = multiplexer.GetDatabase();

// intialize key with empty string
await db.StringSetAsync("key", "");

// create transaction that utilize multiplexing and pipelining
ITransaction transacton = db.CreateTransaction();
Task<long> appendA = transacton.StringAppendAsync("key", "a");
Task<long> appendB = transacton.StringAppendAsync("key", "b");

if (await transacton.ExecuteAsync()) // sends "MULTI APPEND KEY a APPEND KEY b EXEC
// in single request to redis server
// order here doesn't matter, result is always - "abc".
// 'a' and 'b' append always together in isolation of other Redis commands
// 'c' appends to "ab" because transaction is already executed successfully
await appendA;
await db.StringAppendAsync("key", "c");
await appendB;

string value = db.StringGet("key"); // value is "abc"

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